‘Wannabe’ remix of Charli XCX and Diplo leaks online

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‘Wannabe’ remix of Charli XCX and Diplo leaks online

The latest collaboration between Diplo and Charli XCX is highly anticipated. It is the famous debut single of Spice Girls Wannabe, but in new genre remix style. Unfortunately, right before the reunion tour of the iconic girl band, the remix recording of Charli XCX and Diplo has leaked online.

Spice Girls permitted Diplo to sample their debut hit last year, when they agreed to reform. The US DJ also put his best effort on working for this 1996 single of the famous group, in order to bring something interesting and fresh for this hit.

Although the new tune is still kept under wraps, some users, by one way or another, take the like and share this track online via social media channels such as Reddit. The tune is the product from the collaboration of the DJ with Charlie X and Herve Pagez, a French producer, as well.

This incident received both positive and negative reaction from the girl group. They are disappointed with the leak, while also happy for that their fans are quite loving this new product. With the good quality of music, there is a high possibility that when the MV is released next week, the fans will still receive it well.

The Sun, a British newspaper says that it took a long time with lots of efforts for the working on the track, so it is really an disappointment. However, from the loving reaction of people who have heard it, there will still be a lot to expect from the next official release. This will be an interesting dance song, with the performance of Charli XCX for the mashed up verses and chorus.

Spice Girls’ tour will begin in Dublin, Ireland on Friday with four members of this band including Mel B, Geri Horner, Emma Bunton and Mel C, without Victoria Beckham.

The Diplo’s song was made without the vocals of the group’s members, and they will not perform it in their tour as well.