Top 4 most popular artist in 2018


Top 4 most popular artist in 2018

According to year 2018 report on the music industry, they have publicized rank of top 10 most popular artists in 2018. They based on main factors such as amount of all equivalent consumption, all music sales, streaming number and digital downloads.

Let’s call back music journey in 2018. It is a good result for difficulties and hard of artist.

Rank first: Post Malone

Album consumption: 2,624,000

Album sales: 324,000

Digital downloads: 2,030,000

Streaming downloads: 3,145,868,000

By album no. “Beerbongs & Bentleys” released in April, rapper Malone became top 1 across multiple genres. Let it see in his achievement table, total album-equivalent consumption is highest. This song is inspired from this original song in the film “The Greatest Showman”. It makes amazing for listeners all over the world in a long time.

Rank second: Drake

Album consumption: 2,474,000

Album sales: 71,000

Digital downloads: 1,999,000

Streaming downloads: 3,304,426,000

By album sing 01 no. “God’s Plan”, it became the hottest song with the young, especially people like listening rap. As a good result, it led the first top in both demand streaming and total consumption. He is outstanding in a league of his own in popular music for 2018.

Rank third: Migos

Album consumption: 1,470,000

Album sales: 112,000

Digital downloads: 900,000

Streaming downloads: 1,903,032,000

They are one talent hip-hop group in the world. They make deeply impression by this song “Versace” with the basic video. They reached Gold in the US in 2013. As a good background, they continue to release new songs in 2018.

Rank fourth: XXXTentacion

Album consumption: 1,068,000

Album sales: 285,000

Digital downloads: 986,000

Streaming downloads: 1,027,226,000

He is famous for a rapper. Both of his 2018 albums debut No. 1 on the Billboard 200 sales chart. But unluckily, he was murdered on June 18 in Deerfield Beach, Florida before a hug number of fan.