Top 4 hot trends in the music industry 2019


Top 4 hot trends in the music industry 2019

2018 with the year well underway in music industry, there are many achievements and rewards about musics. Thanks for creation and renew continuously, fans always warmly welcome new songs. Moving to 2019, there are some huge trends in music which have become clear. Here is top 4 hot trend you should update not to be out of date in the modern life.

1/ The movement from record labels to independent formats is spreaded out more

Through social media and music streaming platforms, singer upload and publicize new song conveinently without traditional record labels.  

This trend will make more new barriers to entry, then create streaming platforms good choices to capitalize between artists and their works.

2/ Artists are changing  their gaze on touring and making more alternative ways to make money themselves

Expected that the U.S. live music industry will rise up to 11.06 billion. It is numerous compared 9.06 in 2014. It’s evidence for music development.

There are more music festivals well organized to push artists more exposure to listener.

3/ Development of a newly big music format like MP3 and BlueRay

It is also called “Fair Trade Music Format”. It means incorporating metadata to identify correctly writers, performers, owners, producers as well as give digital currency to authors automatically.

It assures about legal rights in music, including in ownerships, copyrights and usage rights if listener uses it. It also commit to pay cryptocurrency fairly to anyone involved with the track.

4/ Music will play an important role in the virtual reality and augmented reality industry.

Let your mind imagine to what we can expect in the near future. It is the virtual reality and augmented reality in music. It means music is interesting in lyrics and sound. It is considered as the bottleneck in new innovations in music 2019.