The Questions to a Musician that Will Ruin the Interview

The Questions to a Musician that Will Ruin the Interview

The Questions to a Musician that Will Ruin the Interview

If you are running a blog or work for a magazine and have an upcoming interview with a musician or a music band around the corner, there are some preparations that you have to do. It is vital to review the artists work, know their background and be able to listen carefully and present them in a good light. One of the main factors that makes a good interview is the right set of questions you ask.

You have to carefully think them through because some of the questions you’re going to ask may seem silly, confusing or irrelative for a musician. Think, would you ask the same question to Sir Paul McCartney as you would your friend Greg who recently released the first album? Probably not. And that’s the point. Make your questions fit both, and they will be considerate, interesting and thoughtful.

So, first, we’re gonna point out some of the questions that you shouldn’t ask musicians during the interviews.

#1 How did you come up with the band name?

First of all, if the band is fairly popular most likely you will find some information about it online, and so will your readers. Therefore, it won’t be much of an interest for them to read that all over again. They would want to read about something they don’t know.

And second, the musician might not be prepared to answer this question or won’t be excited about it. They either have answered it a hundred times, or they don’t even know. Picking a band name can be a long process as they want it to be catchy, easy to remember and, of course, unique. So the process gets long and tiresome, and eventually, they just stick with some random phrase one of them may have dropped during a rehearsal. And probably they won’t even remember who.

#2 How do you write your songs?

Well, that’s a tricky one. Mostly one or a few people in the band come up with an idea or some melody and bring it in to develop with the entire band. Eventually, during the process, the song undergoes so many modifications that it gets difficult to describe, how. The answer you will get is probably, I came up with this riff, and then we worked on that. There are so many details they simply won’t remember them.

On the other hand, it can be a pretty intimate process for a songwriter. Maybe he or she was going through a tough time and wouldn’t want to remember it. Would you ask Eric Clapton how he came up with “Tears in Heaven”? Probably not the best idea.

#3 What it’s like to be a girl in a band?

That might be the worst and also sexist question. Why do you point that out? All she’s going to tell you is, it’s okay. But possibly will think that you are not a very nice person. Girls can bring as much as guys into the music or even more. It’s not unloading the truck – they can be good at it, and probably are treated very well. Ask Suzi Quatro this question, what do you think it’d be like? Probably awkward and ridiculous.

So, choose your questions wisely and you will get the best interview you’ve ever dreamt of and, maybe, it’ll become your moment of glory.