The most valuable contracts in the history of music world

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The most valuable contracts in the history of music world

1. Michael Jackson – $ 250 million

$ 250 million is the “huge” amount that Sony Music Records signed with Michael Jackson’s heritage manager in 2010, exactly one year after his death. This contract lasted for 7 years with a total of 10 different projects, including 2 most popular songs and re-released classic albums like “Thriller” and new albums like “Michael” or “Xscape “. In addition, this contract also brought Michael Jackson a record of many years in the chart of the most expensive stars in the world. The president of the Columbia / Epic record company of Sony Corporation did not hesitate to express his confidence that his company would quickly benefit from this expensive deal.
2. U2 and Taylor Swift – $ 200 million

“Snake Queen” Taylor Swift recently shocked the public with a contract of $ 200 million with Universal Music Group and many agreements that claim benefits for many other artists. This is a record number for a female artist in the history of world music. She is famous for owning many high-value commercial albums as well as a series of tours that consistently ranked in the top “biggest” revenue of all time. Therefore, it is not too surprising or confusing when this record label is willing to sign for such a expensive deal.

3. Lil Wayne, JAY Z and Bruce Springsteen – $ 150 million

Lil Wayne shocked the public by announcing a $ 150 million contract with Cash Money’s record label in 2012. The rapper is considered a major influence in the rap world. besides other names like Drake or Nicki Minaj. Lil Wayne is also known by the media as the “most expensive rapper” when he owns tours that bring “huge” revenue.
4. Adele – 130 million USD

In 2016, a $ 130 million contract was signed by Sony Music with Adele. This is also considered the most expensive contract in music history for an English female artist. Her “25” album has rised sales when it sold 19 million copies worldwide. The album “21” released in 2011 was recorded to have sold more than 30 million copies globally and became the most successful album of the past decade.