The Differing Music Culture Between US and UK

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The Differing Music Culture Between US and UK

There is a wide difference in culture no matter where in the world you go. From the food and customs, to even the music that people typically listen to. Below are but some of the dramatic differences between the big country of the United States and the smaller country of the United Kingdom.

The Concept Of “Underground”

In the US, the idea of the “underground” is a descriptive word to describe bands who haven’t been successful and aren’t very well known. That being said, while in the US these “underground” bands are part of western culture and are cool bands to be in and listen to, the UK doesn’t buy into that. In other words if you are a UK “underground” band, the common consensus is to give up and get a proper job.

The reason there is this massive divide is due to the sheer size of both countries. It’s obvious, but not that many people realize it right from the get go. For example, a band in the US can still be considered “underground” if they get an audience of 50,000 people. You can even hit a few lists in the US and still be relatively small. On the other hand, getting those kinds of numbers in the UK could make you a very successful band.

The Amount Of Music  Awards

Since the US is massive, it also makes sense to have a lot of music awards as well. Over on the US there are several music award shows out there. The first and most important one out of all of them is the Grammy’s. Behind that you have BET Awards, AMAs, VMAs, Soul Train, and lastly Teen Choice awards.

Each of these are respectable in their own way, however there are certain award shows that take priority over others.

Grime In The Country

One thing that has been on the rise in the UK is the concept of Grime. While answers of whether it’s dead or alive is mixed, the truth is that a lot of people in UK believe if something isn’t mainstream, it’s failed or dead. That being said, that’s not stopping bands in the UK from emerging and offering great music. Bands like Wiley, JME, Jammer, D Double E and many others, the genre is still very much “underground” but are providing some of the most talented lyricists in the country.

Now police have put in an effort to squash grime shows, their methods are less than desirable. From racist forms that promotes must fill out before being shut down, to general shut downs of the shows in general.

On the other hand, Grime in the US can be boiled down to a few acts. One example of this would be when Wiley left his concert 30 minutes in to go back to the UK. A few hours later he was tweeting from a Wimpy “Wearing My Rolex is a mad banger…”

Another example would be when Nicki Minaj claimed that she was “the new queen of hip-hop” shortly after releasing Starships.

In the end, grime isn’t as prominent within the US compared to UK.