Importance & purpose of music in films


Importance & purpose of music in films

Music plays an important role in all films we have ever seen before. Films can’t express enough emotion without music. This article will discuss importance and purpose of music in films.

Frist, history of music in film

In early period of film industry, the audience only watched the action on screen without talking or music. Some people called these “silent” films.

Charlie Chaplin was one of the most silent film actors with many famous works remembered until now. In 1927, The Jazz Singer changed the silent film industry into the voice films. In 1935, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided to give Oscars reward for the best music in film.

In general, there are three main types of music in films. They include in songs which have been already exist, songs which have been written specifically for a certain film and underscores.

Songs can be existed before can support to make effective impression for films because the audiences are easy to recognize these songs from a specific era. Whereas songs written specifically for some contents in films, it can push emotion or expression of actor up to the highest. An underscore means that music can play in the background during scenes.

Depending on different situations director will use kind of music properly. Soundtracks is a necessary part to make successful of one film. Many times you listen a song then realize that it is soundtrack of one film. A successful film when it gets audience’s emotions with impressive feelings. Music can make us happy, hopeful, scared, anxious, or boring. It seems a close friend to share with your soul. Furthermore, music also provides some cues about how we have supposed to feel during a movie scene