Four benefits of not listening to music


Four benefits of not listening to music

This article seems strange because we usually hear about benefits of music in our lives. That music boost our spirit more energetic, relaxing and positive in thoughts. We can’t deny these wonderful points from music. Of course we can’t live well without music.

In term of another point, not at all time music is also the best choice for you. Sometimes you need focus or keep silence. So I share you the four benefits of not listening to music in some specific cases. Hope that it’s fine and useful to adjust case by case.

1/ You need to have more real conversation in the car

Actually, we usually listen music in the car. It’s good if you drive alone. But when you go with anyone in car, you should stop listening to music and make more conversations directly. The air will become intimate and closer for your team.

2/ You can focus on learning other subjects

Sometimes you wastes your time in listening music. If you are a crazy fan, you will spend your feeling for lyrics or singer. Whereas there are many beneficial things to feed your brain with knowledge and facts such as business, law, current affairs or history. Getting balance between your favorite passion and knowledge is to develop all your brain.

3/ You feel sadder when listening the depressing lyrics

It can explain that when you listen to music, your body will release dopamine – the “feel good” chemical then you feel better temporarily. Then you deeply immerse your sadness. It depresses your emotion worse and worse. So it encourages feeling of heartache and depression.

Shouldn’t listen to music when you are sad. It is a true advice to overcome sadness faster.

4/ You become different

Music industry develops so fast so that there is something out of control like lyrics with reference to sex, alcohol, drugs, violence. It is easy to access your brain. If you can be out of it, you can feed your mind better and purer.