Differences between the USUK and Kpop music industries

Music Business

Differences between the USUK and Kpop music industries

The relationship between the artist and record company

US-UK: Record labels do not interfere with the private life of the artist, instead, only orient their image, personality in the music, the music that the artist pursues. Artists, of course, have the right to participate in the production of their music
Kpop: Most record companies have “supreme power”: not only do they have the power to decide on music but also the personal lives of artists. Many of the top K-pop artists are still puppets of the music company, completely dependent.

US-UK: For a long time, band is not quite common in US-UK. Among the boy and girl groups today, only One Direction is successful.

K-pop: the groups are dominant in K-pop.


US-UK: Britney Spears’, Teen Pop and Westlife, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, * N SYNC, etc. were very popular with the dance. Today, group choreography still exists in US-UK but is performed by auxiliary dancers rather than singers.

K-pop: Group dance forever! Kpop is in the prime of idolgroup and group dance. Up to 99% of idol groups still prefer group dance. Big Bang and 2NE1 are two rare groups that have limited the group choreography in their recent musical productions.


US-UK: Dance is not focused too much on the stage and so is the MV. The number of MVs was made in the form of short films less than Kpop.

K-pop: MV K-pop on old days put heavy dance and plot, especially plot brought the viewer tears. Nowadays, long-running short film MVs have been cut off a lot.

Performing costumes

US-UK: US-UK artists, especially male performers, regularly perform on stage in their casual outfits.
K-pop: Kpop artists almost always appear in sophisticated costumes.


US-UK: The albums are finely tuned from start to finish.

K-pop: Due to the unique of just focus on promoting one to two songs, many artists often pick up low-quality songs with the purpose to fill the space in the album. Investing on quality albums in K-pop music only YG Group.