Create Your Own Therapeutic By Music


Create Your Own Therapeutic By Music

From long time ago, music plays an important role in the human life. By some miracle ways, music connect person to other people, even they have not live in the same area or the same language but they still understand and share emotion via music.

To take advantage of benefits from music, some experts do research and prove that we can use music as a therapeutic method. Especially that this method can be made by yourself. Is it surprising? This article will make clear this conclusion for you. Let it focus detail.

What is music therapy?

This is remedy by music. When someone has problem about mentality, spirit or emotion, therapists will use music as a kind of medicine to solve above issues. It is called a music therapy session. In this session, individuals of all ages communicate, get experience and use musical instrument under expert’s instruction to discover the sound world in music by their own.

As the rule, per individual will be designed a personalized exercise by therapists because therapists clearly understand problem and have proper lesion accordingly.

It’s not easy when you apply this exercise for one person to another person. Maybe it doesn’t bring good result as expectation.

According to report of the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy has positive results and founds effects for patient. So this way has been publicized as profession since 1950s.

How to create own music therapy?

After checking and hearing share of patient, therapists create a own music therapy based on factors below:

Firstly, music should be familiar with patient. Playlist is close with emotional memories and common mood.

Secondly, music should be positive. It pushes mood higher and better. Thirdly, finding some songs which can speak to you. Someone tell that “music is the ultimate form of empathy.” A lyric song can deeply share your worrying, concern then it’s easy to touch your heart