Country Music: Good or Bad?

Country Music
Country Music

Country Music: Good or Bad?

Today, it’s hard to imagine the world without music. There is a great variety of musical genres and styles, and while millions of singers, bands and independent musicians create it, billions of people listen to it. Only a few hundred years ago, you’d have to be a noble person to enjoy a performance. Today though each and every one of us can take multiple songs of any style with us everywhere. Of course, people have their own likes and dislikes, hardcore metal fans usually hate pop music, rappers may dislike hip-hop, but there’s one particular style hated by the majority of people – country music. Why?

Why People Hate Country

If you search the Internet, you can come across multiple discussions and arguments about this. True southern folks can’t wrap their minds around this hate toward country, while other people splutter about the reasons why country style is not worth existing. Most of the things people say usually repeat which sets an interesting ground for discussion.

The most common points seen there are ‘boring’, ‘simple’, ‘whiney’ sometimes ‘stupid’, and people are complaining about the singer giving a ‘bad message’, having to ‘get over it’ and being screwed up with his emotions. Yes, that’s more about male country singers. Female singers were called though hateful and immature.

The worst that seems to be bothering the country haters is religion, patriotism, and the southern lifestyle. Perhaps they have a point. Country songs do tell a lot about standing your ground, not giving up the land, the Gods will, and grace. And they do love their guns, trucks, hard work and a cold beer after a hard working day. After all, it’s hot there, can we blame them? So, why is that so bad?

Every Style Deserves a Shot

Overall, it’s not. After all, every songwriter writes about what they love, regret, dream of, and care about and want to share it with the world, in whatever style they perform, the same way country singers do. So, why should they be the only ones who sing about what they discard?

People make more points about the music itself, assuming that it’s too simple and boring. Maybe so. However, from the musician’s point of view, country music isn’t quite as simple as people think. The melodies and harmonies should take a specific order and a lot of effort to make it sound right. Besides, country music includes various instruments that take years of studying and hard work to learn to play. For example, fiddle, cello, banjo, steel guitar, sometimes double-bass and even harmonica. So, perhaps, we should give country artists some credit.

Finally, a lot of people compare modern and old-school country singers. Obviously, they are different and such performers as Willie Nelson, Hank Williams or Johnny Cash will remain great forever. But it’s wrong to abuse all the young performers and put them in the same line. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper, and you will find some great songs there by guys like Kevin Fowler, Randy Rogers Band or Gretchen Wilson.

Bottom line, every music style, and every musician deserve some respect as they contribute into the culture and make our everyday life a little better and brighter.