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Billie Eilish was terrified of Eminem during her whole life

Recently, in an interview, Billie Eilish shared that she was scared by the legendary rapper during the time she has been growing up. Answering Noisey, the 17-year-old singer expressed how she was…
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A list of artists who should release their live album after Beyonce’s “Home Coming”

Beyonce will release "the Homecoming Netflix Special" and their unannounced audio version on this April 17. This will be the new hit on Billboard and make us wonder about the next names who should…
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Britney Spears comes back, sexy as always

The pop princess has just released her own song after 3 years since the release of the "Britney Jean" album. On July 14, Britney Spears officially released the single Make Me, paving the way for her…
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