Britney Spears comes back, sexy as always

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Britney Spears comes back, sexy as always

The pop princess has just released her own song after 3 years since the release of the “Britney Jean” album.
On July 14, Britney Spears officially released the single Make Me, paving the way for her upcoming ninth studio album. This is a R&B piece of music with accents of electro / pop, which is said to be quite different from what Spears has shown in recent albums. In addition, Make Me also marks the cooperation of Britney with talent rapper G-Eazy.

sharing with E! News, Britney Spear said: “Extremely excited! I have worked hard for nearly 2 years with this music project; it really means a lot to me.” The 34-year-old added, “This product is a child of mine.” Spears explained: “Make Me is a bit more melodious than a pop but it is also full of coldness.”

Make Me is an interesting song. In terms of music, it is a change in the positive direction of Britney Spears. In terms of content, the song is still very familiar, still particularly sexy. The 34-year-old vocalist sprinkled on the sexy lyrics of the love story, though a little confused and lost.

The way Spears chose Make Me to be an opening single with EDM music and a voice with fewer adjustments received praise. The Guardian imply that this is a necessary and welcome the change. The newspaper said the point is that pop music seems to be known only for a certain type of tempo and it is scary. Make Me changed that part of Britney’s musical thinking in particular, and pop music in general.

In addition to the hit version of Make Me, another song, Private Show with the hot melody of Britney Spears, will also be released on the next occasion to promote her name.

Talking about the new album, Britney does not hide her pride: “It’s the best product I’ve ever done in a long time to come. I’m proud of that achievement and it’s very different. It’s not the thing that you can think of. “