Billie Eilish was terrified of Eminem during her whole life

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Billie Eilish was terrified of Eminem during her whole life

Recently, in an interview, Billie Eilish shared that she was scared by the legendary rapper during the time she has been growing up. Answering Noisey, the 17-year-old singer expressed how she was obsessed by the iconic rapper for the whole time.

She was asked to made a comparison between Eminem and Childish Gambino, she gave the choice without a doubt, Childish Gambino. She said that Eminem freaked out of her and showed that it is a nightmare for her to think about the rapper. Meanwhile, she appreciated Childish Gambino, who she thought to be the god that cannot be put in any list.

For the similar question to compare Biggie and Tupac, Billie Eilish opted for Biggie, when she made an imagination of Biggie’s voice, somewhat like a warm blanket, and that’s why she admire the artist.

The passion of Billie Eilish for rap originates from her first recording album that made her fame worldwide “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” So far, it has become the fastest album on sale, which reached 275,000 units after five days, with more than 118 million on-demand audio streams.

And also recently, Eilish was voted to be the most talked-about teen in the world, going along with her reputation after the release of her first No.1 Album on Billboard 200. This year is an amazing year for Billie Eilish, but it is also a busy year with her series of shows to be held around America.