5 Creative Ways to Market Your Music

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5 Creative Ways to Market Your Music

So you have made your music but are overwhelmed by the sheer amount needed to market it? Fear not, these five genius methods are guaranteed to help you sell your product effectively and inexpensively.

Engage Social media and influencers

Social media influencers are people who have built a large following on social media notably, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat and thus wield a lot of influence there. They can be used to drive fan to fan conversation as a way of marketing music online.

As a musician, you need to become your own advocate for your music by reaching out and engaging with fans personally on these social media pages and building a massive following. Give your fans greater participation in your music project like asking them to vote for a cover picture for an album or other aspects or reference the social media influencers in your posts. This will make them feel engaged, promote a sense of community and make them eager to promote your product.

Leverage podcasts

As a musician, you need to make the most use of online distribution channels for music such as Spotify and Pandora. Though your earnings will be minimal, you will have a chance to be revealed to very many music lovers and to create awareness for your product. These same people will then look for and buy your products from other sites.
With over 270,000 podcasts available, and with many people listening to podcasts while doing their other activities or chores like driving or cleaning, all you have to do is identify the most listened to podcasts in your niche and share your music there.

Create no-phone zones

Having the fans put away their phones during shows is a new and creative way of marketing by mystery. Because so many activities are online, not having the exposure of cameras and live feeds of a show creates a feeling of exclusivity and mystery where you have to be there or you miss out as the only feedback you have will be word of mouth.

Technology is developing ways of realizing this and Yondr, a case that automatically locks down smart phones is an example. Apple has also created a system that deactivates their cameras at live shows but this is yet to be tested.

Encourage fans to live stream your events

Live streaming options are many and Facebook Live and Snapchat are among those making it possible for fans to share live their views of events. This can be used as a marketing tool for a musician as each live feed showcases a unique and authentic perspective of a fan that will easily be embraced by their peers. Live feeds also make the shows feel interactive and adventurous, and when used just before a show, can act as teasers that will get the crowds moving to the venue.
Make corresponding visuals of your music

Making a video has become mandatory for every musician, but you can take it a step further by making a cinema version film about your song. It is a way of giving your fans more value and also sending out the full meaning of your message. These visuals can then be easily shared and appreciated on different websites and blogs as an effective way of marketing.