3 immortal US-UK love songs that will be in US-UK fans’ heart forever


3 immortal US-UK love songs that will be in US-UK fans’ heart forever

US-UK Love songs in the 1990s and 2000s always have a beautiful attraction for many generations of music lovers.
Lemon Tree – Fool’s Garden

Lemon Tree is a song from Fool’s Garden from Germany. The song was included in the album Dish of the Day, released in 1995 and quickly created a global fever within a year later.
Bring a cheerful melody, catch ears, Lemon Tree, and tell about the love of a boy who was rejected by a girl.
Big Big World – Emilia Rydberg

Released in 1998, Big Big World is a ballad song composed by singer Emilia Rydberg and colleague Lasse Anderson. The content of the song is about a girl entering her life under the protection of a great love, but if one day love leaves, the little girl can still walk on her own path strongly. It is because of this meaning words that Big Big World is listed in the list of songs that must be heard after a farewell.
Big Big World won Grammis 1998 for the Song of the Year in her homeland of Sweden. This song has been memorized by the majority of 8X generation youths when played continuously on MTV Asia Hit List. The success of Big Big World is also a huge shadow that obscures the later music products of singer Emilia Rydberg.
The Day You Went Away – M2M
Born in 2000, The Day You Went Away is one of M2M’s biggest hits. Still the subject of the breakup of love, M2M is about believing in its own love, even though that love ended long ago.
M2M is a band consisting of 2 Norwegian singers and officially launched an international audience in 1999 with their debut album Don’t Say You Love Me. Operating and touring mainly in Europe, many M2M songs are particularly successful in Asian markets like Mirror Mirror, The Day You Went Away, Pretty Boy or Everything You Do. The Day You Went Away was chosen as the last album name that marked the disbandment of the group in 2002.